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Visit Myrtle Beach
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Ripley Aquarium Myrtle Beach

Ripley’s Aquarium is just one of many attractions that makes Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a must-visit tourist destination. The aquarium’s convenient location inside Broadway at the Beach offers both tourists and locals alike a chance to visit some of Myrtle Beach’s finest dining restaurants, merchandise shops, and entertainment areas that includes a theme park suited for all ages.

"Sharks: Perfect Predators"

The aquarium itself is over 85,000 square feet and is open to the public 365 days a
year. One of the newest exhibits at the complex is simply titled, "Sharks: Perfect Predators." It is sure to entertain everyone as it features over a dozen species of what many consider nature’s most notorious predator. The goal of the aquarium staff is not merely to offer visitors an up close glimpse at the modern leviathan’s, but they take it upon themselves to educate their audience about the softer side of sharks. Aquarium employees work hard to inform visitors about a host of important things,
Spotted Sea Ray
from the harmful effects of modern human waste on shark populations to the complex history of the animal which has allowed it to survive and adapt to Earth’s changing conditions over the past millions of years.

"Sharks" is not the only exhibit at the massive aquarium. One favorite attraction housed in the complex is “Ray Bay,” where visitors get the chance to touch some of nature’s most beautiful and graceful creatures that majestically glide through the water like birds. The exhibit features various types of rays including the famous Spotted Eagle Ray, the Cownose Ray, and the Southern Sting

Ray. Other curious species housed within the Bay are the nocturnal Whitespotted Bamboo Shark and the curious Bowmouth Guitarfish.

"Rainbow Rock" and "Living Gallery"

"Rainbow Rock" and "Living Gallery" are additional attractions that offer a look at some of the most colorful and unique animals in the ocean. Rainbow Rock is known for its colorful fish who generally find habitation near coral reefs. Just a few of the beautifully colored fishes that call this place home are the famous Emperor Angelfish, Clown Triggerfish, Bluespine Unicornfish, and Racoon Butterflyfish. The Living
Amazon Pacu
Gallery holds some of the more unique underwater animals that include: Sea Stars, Sea Dragons, Octopuses, and Jellyfish.

Freshwater Attractions

The aquarium also offers a freshwater attraction that gives visitors a glimpse into the Amazon Rainforest. Fittingly titled, "Rio Amazon," the tank for this exhibit is 150,000 gallons and is by no means a minor attraction. It houses some of the fiercest freshwater creatures on the planet: Piranhas. Other species located in this exhibit include the Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Redtailed Catfish, Silver Arawana, and the beautiful Pacu, all indigenous to South American rainforests.

Ripley's Discovery Center

The complex’s Discovery Center is a place
Sandbar Shark
where guests can hold and examine harmless horseshoe crabs and has a classroom style education facility where visitors can feel free to ask questions to trained experts and learn more about the ecosystem of the animals housed within the aquarium. For those who enjoy seeing the inner-workings of a place like Ripley’s, the Systems Control area is open to public and allows visitors the chance to see the massive pumps, boilers, and computer systems that makes such a facility fully operational.

With its combination of education, interaction, and fascination, Ripley’s Aquarium proves to be one of Myrtle Beach’s most entertaining attractions. Whether you visit in order to expand your knowledge of aquatic life or if you seek to satisfy your own curiosity, Ripley’s Aquarium promises to have something for everyone, and its location in Myrtle Beach makes it affordable and convenient for families of all sizes.

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